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The number one reason Corporations and LLCs fail to protect their owners and officers is the failure to properly maintain formalities. When the courts "pierce the veil", they assign liability to individuals for actions that the Corporation or LLC has taken. Most of the horror stories that you hear about involve the courts attaching the personal assets of the directors or stockholders for failure to maintain proper formalities.

A creditor only has to show the court that an owner has routinely ignored many of the corporate formalities the law requires to gain access directly to the shareholders personal assets.

Record keeping becomes even more important when a Corporation or LLC has just a few stockholders. The corporate records may be the only things to prove that a one-man corporation is not simply acting as the individual.

At Corporation-Nevada our carefully selected partners make sure you're meeting the requirements for maintaining your formalities. We'll help assure your business structure continues to be what you intended - a shield for you against personal liability.

To fully retain the benefits of a business entity you must observe corporate formalities. Corporate formalities refer to those procedures that must be in place to ensure that the corporation or LLC is being properly maintained. These procedures can vary, depending on the state of incorporation and levels of operation.

An Example Program includes the following:

"Initial 1-hour review and introduction of your current corporate status-We will undertake a thorough analysis of your company's "health," make recommendations, and assist in the implementation of your corporate formalities.

"15 completed documents in a 12-month period-You can select from over 175 forms to be completed by your representative. Documents can be used for catch up of your corporate formalities.

"Assistance with obtaining the EIN

Implementing our program is simple. Our partners will promptly get started on making sure your Corporation or LLC formalities are in order.


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